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Billings, Montana

March 5th-7th 2024

Coming up soon! This one will be located at Miller's Horse Palace. The workshop will cover Team Driving from start to finish. Basic harnessing, hitching, and driving plus so much more!

Mt. Pleasant Texas

September 12th-15th 2023

Wow, what an incredible experience we had at Mt Pleasant Texas Clinic! The participants had an absolute blast learning all about owning and using their own team, and the one-on-one learning was simply outstanding. It was truly an unforgettable learning opportunity for everyone involved!

Hermosa, South Dakota

September 26th-29th 2023

Wow! The Hermosa South Dakota Draft Horse Workshop was an absolutely amazing opportunity for participants to get hands-on experience in team driving! Not only did attendees learn about basic harnessing, hitching, and driving, but they were also able to gain invaluable knowledge and skills to take home with them. This was truly an unforgettable and exciting workshop!

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Audrey, Montana

We attended two days of the clinic in Hettinger, North Dakota. We had a wonderful time and wish we could've been there for the first two days also. Steven and Andy were really good instructors; very knowledgeable, thorough and patient. Everyone got a lot of one-on-one time with them and all questions were answered. The horses they brought were very well-trained and well-mannered. I would definitely recommend them to beginning teamsters as well as experienced ones, and would attend another clinic myself.
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