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Introducing the prettiest pair of mules your eyes have ever laid upon, Penny and Pearl. 11 and 12 years old and standing 15.3 hands tall. This is your next team!! They have the looks and come with bonus power steering! Highly, highly trained mules. Stand the best while harnessing, hitching, etc. Drive the absolute best in field or pleasure. Very professional mules. Calm, cool and collected. They will be perfect for parades, shows, rodeos, carriage business, weddings, the possibilities are truly endless with these two. A team in a million. The best part? You don’t have to find the mares, find a Jack, wait 11 months, plus 2-3 years to start and get to do anything with them. So DO NOT miss out on a dream pair of mules right here, right now !!
Check of the video You will be glad ya did!

Check out the video below.

Molly Mule Team

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